Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the branch in computer science that is all about teaching the machine to think and act like a human being.

Machine learning is usually what runs behind AI algorithms. While AI basically is all about teaching the machine to replace human beings, machine learning is about teaching the machine what a human brain cannot grasp, e.g. complex data mining and future predictions based on current patterns.

In many cases, machine learning and AI are two terms that are used interchangeably.

To make it easier to fathom, here are a few examples of AI-driven technology we already witness in our digital lives:

  • Gmail Smart Compose and Smart Reply features allow the user to compose an entire email with AI based on past emails and typing habits.
  • LinkedIn prompts value-add introductions based on with whom you interacted in the past.
  • Facebook Messenger sends auto-responses to your Facebook followers on your brand’s behalf.

The two well-known pioneers in AI-empowered marketing are:

  • Amazon: Using AI to analyze each particular buyer’s decisions and suggest products to them they didn’t even know they want or need.
  • Netflix: Using AI for content recommendations and beyond. Netflix successfully applies AI for product development too. They have analyzed years of viewer data to create successful products of their own, including the hit “House of Cards” show. Put simply, thanks to AI, Netflix knows what people want before they do.


With each new generation, consumers tend to rely on AI-powered algorithms for product discovery more and more. BigCommerce found that consumers in the age range between 18 and 23 rely heavily on AI-powered personalized product recommendations, seeing ads on social media and engaging with a brand’s social channels.

artificial intelligence

One of the best ways to take advantage of machine learning right now is to pick a solid partner who already has the technology built in and running in the background.

AI-powered sentiment analysis is the most powerful example of machine learning in action. Today’s sentiment analysis software not only can extract mentions that need your attention but also can help your team handle them properly.

Sentione is a solid example of this forward-thinking sentiment analysis approach. It implements machine learning and natural language mechanisms to extract online context around your brand. Next, Sentione’s AI-powered self-learning agent suggests further action based on collected data and previous communications with clients.

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