More than 86% of business professionals are leveraging email marketing when communicating messages of a business nature. Another interesting statistic shows that the customers who purchase their products through email are likely to spend 138% more than those who are not being part of a list.. UpperMark Solutions Limited has emerge as one of the Best Marketing Agency in Lagos, Nigeria.

importance of email marketing

There are many reasons you should make email marketing one of your top priorities, but here are the top 3:

How-To: Email Marketing

Wondering how to get started with email marketing? Email marketing is made up of several moving pieces, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Here’s how it breaks down.

1. Start with your list

At UpperMark Solutions Limited, we have made it super easy to start collecting leads right away, even without an email marketing service, with our Leads integration.

As the best Lead Generation Agency in Nigeria, you can begin building your email list, and even begin reaching out to leads, while keeping your leads stored safely inside our sales funnel. Then, when you’re ready..

2. Add an email service provider

There are a ton of them out there, but we take the guesswork out and make it really easy to choose the right one for you and your goals.

After those two steps, it’s just a matter refining your lists and your messaging so you’re reaching your audience and really connecting with them. Plus, you’ll be able to set up some automation in your email service which will make things much easier for you.