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E-Mail Marketing

Uppermark Solutions offers an outstanding and functional email marketing services for our clients. The lists of our email marketing channels and services are as follows:

1. Welcome email or welcome series

The welcome email has become a very common practice for most organizations—and for good reason! This type of email marketing content boasts the highest open and engagement rate. Today’s customers and new subscribers expect to see this type of email appear in their inbox after their first purchase or subscription. Exceed their expectations by sending an outstanding welcome email or welcome email series.

2. Promotional emails in Email Marketing

The world of promotional emails is changing as consumers become more leary of this type of email marketing content. The world continues to grow in technology and available information, and consumers are being made more aware of when messages are overly promotional. The task then is to offer a good mix of engaging emails (how-to content, informational content, etc.) and promotions.

One way to accomplish this is to actually mix in content with your promotions. Make your promotional emails focus on the sell or offer, and highlight this focus using your stand-out CTA. Then, maybe beneath the main offer, you can provide additional free content that supplements the offer, using a less eye-grabbing CTA. This gives customers an on-ramp to dip their toes in without pulling the trigger on a purchase, which may give you more opportunity to convert them later on.

3. Guides, blogs, and other content marketing

Highlight your awesome content in an email. If one of your strategies consists of inbound or content marketing, make sure your list knows about it!

At Campaign Monitor, we send what we call “blog solos” to highlight individual blog posts. We don’t expect readers to spend their entire day scrolling through our resources pages. Instead, we know a lot of people want to be given curated and relevant content in a way that’s extremely accessible. So we send emails that give a brief overview of a blog post, then a bold call to action that draws them into reading the rest.

4. Loyalty and rewards in Email Marketing

Loyalty and rewards can be expressed in dozens of different ways—especially when you implement automation.

Sending rewards based on purchases is a great start. Hitting certain tiered levels of rewards (spending x amount gets you free shipping, or 10% off, etc.) is a great incentive that your subscribers look for in email.

5. Testimonials and reviews

Social proof is one of the best ways to close deals and drive sales. And if you can wrap it up into an actual customer story (instead of just a one-off quote), then you can both nurture and engage existing customers as well as inspire new ones to convert.

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