UpperMark Solutions Limited is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Lagos which specializes in helping businesses grow their customer base, increase sales and revenue. Our focus everyday is on our clients, what they need, and what will bring them one more step closer to their overall goal. 


As a digital marketing and website development Agency, UpperMark Solutions Limited help businesses increase revenue by leveraging their social media platforms and their brand story. We do this by running targeted marketing campaigns to minimize cost and increase client lead generation with efficiency. We aim for exponential growth through helping our clients with marketing innovation, brand authority, and experience.

The world works through technology now and social media is and has been a big part of that. Every business out there NEEDS social media and it is one of the best ways to create revenue and bring more customers to your door step.


our core values

  1. Growth: UpperMark Solutions enable our high-esteemed clients or customers double their revenue via concept-to-execution integrated social media marketing campaigns.
  2. Brand Management: UpperMark Solutions offers assistance with brand identity, messaging and positioning through authentic storytelling for a deeper connection and engagement with clients as well as Utilizing the art of telling a beautiful story and brilliant messaging to help companies tap into a relevant emotion of clients and likewise build long lasting relationships.
  3. Creative and Strategic Positioning: Measuring, analyzing and optimizing marketing activities such as tactical social media advertising, cost-per-engagement analysis and future planning on marketing to drive and deliver growth.